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Terrestrial Neutron-Induced Soft Error In Advanced Memory Devices
Terrestrial neutron-induced soft errors in semiconductor memory devices are currently a major concern in reliability issues. Understanding the mechani... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9789812778819
Price: USD 111.28
Physical Principles Of Meteorology And Environmental Physics: Global, Synoptic And Micro Scales
This book starts with the big picture, relating Einstein's famous mass-energy formula E = mc2 to the global climate; and then proceeds to examine the ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9789812813848
Price: USD 85.60
Solid-State Physics For Electronics
Describing the fundamental physical properties of materials used in electronics, the thorough coverage of this book will facilitate an understanding ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9781848210622
Price: USD 262.45
Electromagnetism And The Structure Of Matter
The classical theory of electromagnetism is entirely revised in this book by proposing a variant of Maxwell equations that allows solitonic solutions ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9789812814517
Price: USD 108.07
Kinetics Of First-Order Phase Transitions
Filling a gap in the literature, this crucial publication on the renowned Lifshitz-Slezov-Wagner Theory of first-order phase transitions is authored ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9783527407750
Price: USD 254.92