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Conservation Psychology - Understanding And Promoting Human Care For Nature
This textbook introduces the reader to the new and emerging field of Conservation Psychology, which explores connections between the study of human ... More
Format: Paper Back
ISBN-13 9781405176781
Price: USD 82.69
Skeletal Biology And Medicine Part B
This volume highlights new insights into the mechanisms of bone development, including cellular and mechanical factors, receptors, and signaling pathw... More
Format: Paper Back
ISBN-13 9781573317283
Price: USD 200.00
Structural Proteomics And Its Impact On The Life Sciences
The role played by structural proteomics in the first decade of the 21st century is equivalent to that played by the Human Genome Project in the last ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9789812772046
Price: USD 158.36
Cell Injury - Mechanisms, Responses And Repair
When cells are damaged, as often occurs during trauma and metabolic stress, a highly evolved cell healing process follows that was designed to enhance... More
Format: Paper Back
ISBN-13 9781573316170
Price: USD 179.24
Essentials Of Chemical Biology - Structure And Dynamics Of Biological Macromolecules
This excellent work fills the need for an upper-level graduate course resource that examines the latest biochemical, biophysical, and molecular biolog... More
Format: Paper Back
ISBN-13 9780470845318
Price: USD 103.62