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Plant Science  
Legume Nodulation - A Global Perspective
This important book provides a comprehensive review of our current knowledge of the world's leguminous plants and their symbiotic bacteria. Written ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9781405181754
Price: USD 275.84
Signal Cross Talk In Plant Stress Responses
Signal Crosstalk in Plant Stress Responses focuses on current findings on signal crosstalk between abiotic and biotic stresses, including information ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9780813819631
Price: USD 275.84
Physiology And Behaviour Of Plants
Physiology and Behaviour of Plants looks at plants and how they sense and respond to their environment. It takes the traditional plant physiology book... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9780470850244
Price: USD 234.86
Micropropagation Of Orchids 2E 2Vs
This greatly expanded and updated edition of a classic reference work comprises two volumes offering a compendium of methods for multiplying orchids ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9781405160889
Price: USD 655.16
Structure And Function Of Plants
Plant anatomy and physiology and a broad understanding of basic plant processes are of primary importance to a basic understanding of plant science. ... More
Format: Paper Back
ISBN-13 9780813827186
Price: USD 82.74