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Energy Trail, The Where It Is Leading: Do You Know Enough To Care?
This book describes the effect that hydrocarbon energy (oil, gas and coal) has had on human evolution, how we got to the stage we are at today, what ... More
Format: Paper Back
ISBN-13 9789812818577
Price: USD 26.75
Solving Everyday Problems With The Scientific Method: Thinking Like A Scientist
This book describes how one can use The Scientific Method to solve everyday problems including medical ailments, health issues, money management, trav... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9789812835093
Price: USD 42.80
Bringing Science And Mathematics To Life For All Learners
Developing a positive attitude towards science and mathematics is essential to developing proficiency in these subjects. Recognizing this, Bringing ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9789812791634
Price: USD 85.60
Intellectual Property Rights And The Life Science Industries: Past, Present And Future (2Nd Edition)
This book is a highly readable and entertaining account of the co-evolution of the patent system and the life science industries since the mid-19th ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9789812832276
Price: USD 68.48
How Physics Confronts Reality: Einstein Was Correct, But Bohr Won The Game
This book recalls, for nonscientific readers, the history of quantum mechanics, the main points of its interpretation, and Einstein's objections to ... More
Format: Paper Back
ISBN-13 9789814277037
Price: USD 32.05