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Origin Of Life - Chemical Approach
Dedicated to the fond memory of two great pioneers of this science, Leslie E. Orgel and Stanley L. Miller, this compilation of reviews and original ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9783906390505
Price: USD 262.45
Advanced Engineering Chemistry
This completely updated text/reference is designed to present the fundamental principles of chemistry with strong emphasis on experiments, application... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9780977858293
Price: USD 75.15
Biophysical Chemistry
"Biophysical Chemistry is an outstanding book that delivers both fundamental and complex biophysical principles, along with an excellent overview of ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9781405124362
Price: USD 179.24
Principles Of Physical Chemistry, 2Nd Edition
Principles of Physical Chemistry, Second Edition uniquely uses simple physical models as well as rigorous treatments for understanding molecular and ... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9780470089644
Price: USD 178.85
Introduce your students to the latest developments in biotechnology, genomics, and proteins as Campbell/Farrell’s best-selling biochemistry text conne... More
Format: Hard Copy
ISBN-13 9780495390466
Price: USD 38.04